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my english saturday :)
Assalammualaikum and hye. Today I will post my news in English. Sorry if any mistakes happen. Do read and listen the song which is full of means
When I start look at you, my heart beat fast. I already control it by myself but I can’t. You are very good than the other. You make me proud of you. Even though you such a naughty boy, but I know in your deep eyes you are very kind right? Hihi. So, I start want to know more about you. Where do you live? What is your birthday? What is hobby? What is your favourite color? Who is your idol? And more!  You know why? Cause I start fall in love with you. Ohyea, forget to mention about your voice. Your voice is totally superb. How amazing your.

A long time I keep my feeling at you. It was difficult for me to say the sentence that means ‘143’. You know what dude, that’s ‘143’ means I love you.  I love you and I love you. Hehe. Okay. For truth is you are my first guy that I love. You must proud dear. Not easy for me to fall in love with somebody. Haha. You always make me laugh. Almost every days. Hihi. All your jokes make me laugh. My laugh sound like HAHAHA HEHEHE HOHOHO. Okay that is not true.

Boy, for your information, you have come to my dream at that night. I walk with you for whole day. I felt like I was the lucky girl in that dream but unfortunately, you make me sad in that dream. You said that you already have another girl. How lucky she is cause having you. I quickly get up from my sleep. Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Take a bath and start open with my facebook. Search your name and I said OH DEAR. YOU MAKE MY HEART BLEED FOR A SECOND TIME. Nothing I will make accept smile in front of my laptop. As long I can smile I will smile :’)

I remembered. Last year, I felt like I wanted send you a message but I afraid because I don’t want make you and your girl fight just because of me but when I send the message you reply it. I felt like I want to fly high to the sky and shouted to the whole world. Hehe. After two days later, you send me a weird message. Sounds like this ‘Hey shida, when someone likes you, do you accept it as your boy?’. I answered it like this ‘not easy to accept the people that I haven’t fall in love with him but easy for me to accept the boy that I waiting for a long time’. He asked me’ how do you know it is me who is fall in love with you’? Answered ‘who is fall in love with me’? He said ‘nothing’. I asked him ‘it is true you are fall in love with me’? He said ‘yes’. And I accept him as my boy for that time. The date is secret. Only I can know it

I really don’t believe that he can be my boy. It is a dream or what?!  Ohyea, dream come true maybe. Haha. Every time I send him a message. I always asked him ‘what you doing’. He answered it ‘play football, study with friends and more’. Well, he lives in hostel. It was far from me and his family. Of course I felt sad at that time. Just only in 7 days we are in relationship. Super crazy right? It was my fault. I knew it. There’s many time that I asked an apology.

Boy, if you read this story, I hope you forgive my entire mistake. This year we are candidate PMR right? Good luck with that. For hazrin, I know you are in jealousy. I already story all about him at you right? It was difficult for me to forget my first love. I already swear that I will love him forever. I’m sorry. I know you understand me and I thanks for it. Doubt on love already gone. I already understand how to appreciate somebody in our live. And boy, can I ask you something? Do you still love me or not? That’s all.

Okay guys. That’s all my English sentences. I’m not good in English so I try it. Insha’Allah I can found the A for English paper. I feel very tired now. I will end it assalammualaikum